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Journal of Consumer Psychology
The official journal of the Society for Consumer Psychology
Lwarence Erlbaum Associates

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Title Journal of Consumer Psychology The official journal of the Society for Consumer Psychology
Volume - Years of Serial 2006/1
Volume - Vol. No. Vol.16 No.1 (61)
Publisher Lwarence Erlbaum Associates
Classification 1
Volume - Page 1-100p
ISSN 1057-7408
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26 二階集密書架
Contents Note 1 EDITORIAL:Durairaj Maheswaran
Contents Note 2 RESEARCH DIALOGUE:The 30-Sec Sale:Using Thin-Slice Judgments to Evaluate Sales Effectiveness Nalini Ambady,Mary Anne Krabbenhoft,and Daniel Hogan/Let the Clips Fall Where They May Joseph W.Alba/When Should Consumers and Managers Trust Their Intuition? Frank R.Kardes/The Role of Thin-Slice Judgments in Consumer Psychology Laura A.Peracchio and David Luna
Contents Note 3 RESEARCH ARTICLES:Malleable Mental Accounting:The Effect of Flexibility on the Justification of Attractive Spending and Consumption Decisions Amar Cheema and Dilip Soman/Effects of Culture,Gender,and Moral Obligations on Responses to Charity Advertising Across Masculine and Feminine Cultures Michelle R.Nelson,Frederic F.Brunel,Magne Supphellen,and Rajesh V.Manchanda/Images of Success and the Preference for Luxury Brands Naomi Mandel,Petia K.Petrova,and Robert B.Cialdini/Evaluations of Moderaterly Typical Products:The Role of Within-Versus Cross-Manufacturer Comparisons Hyeong Min Kim/Keeping the Body in Mind:The Influence of Body Esteem and Body Boundary Aberration on Consumer Beliefs and Purchase Intentions Jose Antonio Rosa,Ellen C.Garbarino,and Alan J.Malter
Contents Note 4 RESEARCH NOTE:Self-Presentational Effects in the Implicit Association Test Sandor Czellar